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Advert Technologies was started by a multi-national group of engineers and specialists with excellent experience in digital image signal processing industry. Our core business is unique & innovative design. We create our own electronic and ergonomic design. Every single product is the gem of our own research and development by our energetic global team.

2 Years Warranty

To achieve high quality of our design and manufacturing process, all Advert products use Japanese components and EMS and SMT facility from reputed partners. We also apply special treatment to make our products suitable for use in high vibration and shock environments and capable of preventing high frequency interference. These are just some of the reasons that give us the confidence to offer free repair services under 2-year warranty.

Green and Eco-Friendly

We endeavor to develop our business in a way that ensures sustainability of the environment. It is our responsibility as a company citizen in this planet.

Value Chain Management

We all realized that the real competition is not company against company but rather supply chain against supply chain.
We are continuously seeking to provide our products for customers faster, cheaper and better than our fellow travelers. We realize we cannot do it alone; rather we must work on a cooperative basis with the best organizations in the value chain in order to get success. Hence looking for competent partners who can deliver the most cost-effective activities is our long-term process. The focus of our value chain management is upon the management of upstream and downstream relationship in order to achieve a more profitable outcome for all parties in the chain. All our suppliers and customers are the stake holders of the value chain of Advert products. Let us work together for a common benefit.