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SENS-UP GAIN STEP (star light camera)

An image processing technology which allows user selectable digital slow shutter speeds in order to allow extra light into a camera thereby providing higher sensitivity in low light conditions. Also referred to as “sens-up”,” sensup”, “Star Light camera”, “DSS”, and “digital slow shutter”.Sense-up helps maintain a bright and clear color image by automatically detecting changes in low light level conditions.


For the protection of privacy, users can set a masking area not to be under surveillance. It is free to set up an area position and size.

 Ultra Noise Rejection (DNR)

 DNR 2D/3D noise filtering technology eliminates noise in low light condition thus generating a distinct and clear image. It also can save HDD space during motion recording.

 D-WDR (DIGITAL Wide Dynamic Range) or atr ( Adaptive Tone-curve Reproduction)

 Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR) technology helps to get detailed information from the dark part of the image with saturation from the bright part. There is no limitation of zone area with the WDR function and the color image is crisper than when using traditional BLC functions.

 SMART ir technology (tgse)true gray scale enhancement

 Smart IR technology developed by Advert customized hardware and software to eliminates the bleach picture on close objects and producing a crisp and recognizable image.

 Hi-illumination mask for car plate recognization

The combination of High Illumination Mask and BLC function is especially effective to read the number plate of the vehicles in the street or parking lot at night time. Especially users can adjust and select the special required area to observe the target object under the strong spots of the existing light.