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There are three key elements of quality: customer, process and employee. Everything we do to remain a world-class quality company focuses on these three essential elements.

...the Customer

(1) Delighting Customers

Customers are the center of Advert's universe: they define quality. They expect performance, reliability, competitive prices, on-time delivery, service, clear and correct transaction processing and more. In every attribute that influences customers' perception; we know that just being good is not enough. Delighting our customers is a necessity. Because if we don't do it, someone else will!

...the Process

(2) Outside-In Thinking

Quality requires us to look at our business from the customers' perspective, not ours. In other words, we must look at our processes from the outside-in. By understanding the transaction lifecycle from the customer's needs and processes, we can discover what they are seeing and feeling. With this knowledge, we can identify areas where we can add significant value or improvement from their perspective.

...the Employee

(3) Leadership Commitment

People create results. Involving all employees is essential to Advert's quality approach. Advert is committed to providing opportunities and incentives for employees to focus their talents and energies on satisfying customers. All Advert employees are trained in the strategy, statistical tools and techniques of quality. In house training courses are offered at various levels. Quality is the responsibility of every employee. Every employee must be involved, motivated and knowledgeable if we are to succeed.